5 Of The Creepiest Abandoned Mansions

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5. Mudhouse Road

Exterior shot of the Mudhouse Mansion. Photo Credit

One of these formerly majestic homes used to sit on Mudhouse Road near Lancaster, Ohio.

Originally the land was owned by Abraham Kagy and Henry Byler, who sold it to Christian and Eleanor Rugh.

The building was erected in about 1875. It was again sold in 1919 to Henry and Martha Hartman.

The house was inherited by Lulu Hartman Mast upon the death of her father in 1930, and the property remains in the Mast family to this day.

As with most abandoned homes, locals have branded the home as being haunted. Stories of mass murder, children being killed and the like have run rampant for many years.

No one has lived in the home since the 1930s, and the owners have zealously guarded the property, pressing charges on anyone caught trespassing.

Up until a fire destroyed the roof and some of the interior, the mansion may have been salvageable, but the Mast family steadfastly refused to sell.

They also claimed that it would cost millions to refurbish the house back to a livable condition and meet standard codes. The house had only partial electricity and had no plumbing.

In September of 2015, the building was demolished.  Locals lined the road to watch the old mansion come down.