15 Of The Most Incredible Shipwrecks

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13. concrete-hulled SS Sapona

Sapona Panoramic Photo Credit

The concrete-hulled cargo steamer SS Sapona was built in Wilmington, North Carolina for World War I purposes, yet was finished after the war ended.

Her destiny was to be sold and used as Casino, oil storage then alcohol storage during Prohibition.

After it was wrecked in a hurricane in 1926 near Bimini, SS Sapona was used by US Navy as target practice.

12. Wreck of The Eduard Bohlen

Eduard Bohlen Wrack Photo Credit

Eduard Bohlen was the name of a ship that wrecked on the Skeleton Coast of German Southwest Africa (Todays Namibia) on a thick fog day of September 05, 1909.

Her wrecks can be found in the sand not too far from the shoreline.