Stunning Unfinished Castles & Their Fate

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1. The Falkenstein Castle or Castrum Pfronten, Germany

The ruin of Castrum Pfronten. Its German name Burg Falkenstein translates to “Castle Falcon Stone”¬†photo credit

Situated in the Bavarian Alps, near the southern German city of Pfronten, the Falkenstein Castle was built approximately 1270-1280 by Count Meinhard II of Tyrol on the borders of his land.

Historically, the position of the building was interpreted as a symbol of opposition to the Duchy of Bavaria.

Its high altitude at 1,286 meters above sea level, made the castle uninhabitable during winter. Until the 17-the century, the site was largely diminished.

It was the King Ludwig II of Bavaria who purchased the ruins in 1883.

The king was already known for commissioning the fabulous Neuschwanstein Castle, which ought to be his retreat, as well as an homage to Richard Wagner.

For the Pfronten Castle, he also had great vision, to replace the existing structure with a romantic castle.

He hired several architects, including Christian Jank who had already worked on the Neuschwanstein.

Jank eventually came up with a rather High Gothic style of the Pfronten castle design.