During WWII A German Fighter Ace Stumbled Upon A Crippled B-17, He Escorted It Home

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1. Bombing Bremen

Allied bomb damage in Bremen, Germany, came at a high cost to American bombers.

Charlie Brown of the United States Army Airforce or USAAF was a Second Lieutenant.

Born in the Weston, West Virginia in 1922, he called himself a Farm Boy.

He flew his first mission as an aircraft commander flying a B-17, “Ye Olde Pub” on a bombing run over on an aircraft factory in Bremen.

The B-17 was nicknamed the Flying Fortress because these bombers carried a lot of defensive power.

Brown’s B-17  had a total of eleven .50 cal machine guns, two cheek guns, two waist guns, two in the ball turret, two in the tail, two in the upper turret and one in the radio compartment.